Tytuł: Fundamentals of Sport Marketing
Autorzy: Brenda G. Pitts, David K. Stotlar
ISBN: 1885693338
Wydawca:  Fitness Information Technology, Incorporated, 2002, 2nd Edition
Język: ENG


1. Overview Contemporary Definitions and Concepts

2. History of Sport Marketing

3. Global Characteristics of Sport Business

4. The Sport Marketing Management Model

5. Sport Marketing Research

6. Consumer and Industry Segmentation

7. Information Management

8-12. The Four P’s of Marketing

13-15. Media Sponsorship Licensing Endorsements

16. The Web and Sport Marketing

Appendix A Directory of sport businesses

Appendix B Directory of sport business trade associations

Appendix C Directory of sport business trade publications

Appendix D Directory of academic journals

Appendix E Abstracts of sport marketing academic research

Appendix F Seven examples of sport marketing research instruments