Tytuł: Media Relations in Sport
Autorzy: William Nichols, Patrick Moynahan, Allan Hall, Janis Taylor
ISBN: 1885693222
Wydawca:  Fitness Information Technology, Incorporated (2001)
Język: ENG


Chapter 1: Mass Communication: The Process of Sport Information

Chapter 2: The Print Media: The Original Model of Sport Information

Chapter 3: The Broadcast Media: The Most Powerful Sports Information Providers

Chapter 4: Sports Information Specialists: Sport Organization Managers of Information and Entertainment

Chapter 5: News Releases: The Sports Journalist’s Lifeline

Chapter 6: Managed News Events: News Conferences and Media Days

Chapter 7: Media Brochures: Mirror Images of Sports Programs

Chapter 8: Interviews: From Personal to Pack Journalism

Chapter 9: Game Management: Press-Box and Press-Table Operations

Chapter 10: Special Events: From Awards Banquets to National Tournaments

Chapter 11: The Publicity Campaign: The Making of an All-American

Chapter 12: Public Relations Dilemmas: Under the Media Microscope

Chapter 13: Law and Ethics: Playing by the Rules

Chapter 14: The Future: The Impact of Media and Technology