Tytuł: Strategic Sport Marketing
Autorzy: David Shilbury, Hans Westerbeek, Shayne Quick
ISBN: 1865089184
Wydawca:  Allen & Unwin Academic, 2004, 2nd edition
Język: ENG


About the authors

1. An overview of sport marketing
2. The strategic sport-marketing planning process
3. Understanding the sport consumer
4. Market research: segmentation, target markets and positioning
5. The sport product
6. Pricing strategies
7. The place of the sport facility
8. Customer satisfaction and service quality
9. The sport promotion mix
10. Advertising
11. Sport and television
12. Sport and the Internet
13. How to attract and implement sponsorship
14. Measuring the effectiveness of sponsorship
15. Public relations
16. Promotional Licensing
17. Coordinating and controlling marketing strategy