Tytuł: Case Studies in Sport Marketing
Autorzy: Brenda G. Pitts
ISBN: 1885693478
Wydawca:  Fitness Information Technology, 1998
Język: ENG

Part I: An Introduction to the Case Study Method
Chapter 1:An Introduction to the Case Study Method
Chapter 2: A Strategic Sport Marketing Case Analysis Model

Part II: The Cases
How the Sport Marketing Case Studies are Organized
(Not all case studies are listed below. The following is a sample of contents.)

Section One: The Sport Performance Industry Segment: An Overview
- Every Game's a Big Event: The Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club --Jacquelyn Cuneen
- Gender Equity Achieved Through Strategic Marketing --Richard L. Irwin
- Marketing a Basketball Tournament --Wayne Blann

Section Two: The Sport Production Industry Segment: An Overview
- Northern Light Inc. --David Stotlar
- Adidas: Making A Comeback --Dianna P. Gray

Section Three: The Sport Promotion Industry Segment: An Overview
- The Sinking of the America's Cup --David Stolar
- Starting a Sport Marketing Firm --Wayne Blann
- Call Your Own Game: TRZ Sport Services Inc. --Jacquelyn Cuneen
- Catch That Championship Fever! --Richard L. Irwin