Tytuł: Sport Marketing
Autorzy: B. Mullin, S. Hardy, W. Sutton
ISBN: 00880118776
Wydawca:  Human Kinetics Publishers, 2nd edition, Listopad 1999
Język: ENG


Chapter 1. The Special Nature of Sport Marketing
- Sports Go Global; So Does the Competition
- Another Golden Age of Sport?
- A Troubled Golden Age
- Sport Marketing Defined
- Marketing Myopia in Sport
- Some Signs of Promise
- The Uniqueness of Sport: Product, Market, Finance, and Promotion
- The Changing Shape of the Sport Industry
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 2.
Marketing Management in Sport: An Overview
- Sport Strategy Is More Than Locker-Room Talk
- Implementing a Sport Marketing Program: Strategy and Tactics Equal the
Game Plan
- The SWOT Analysis
- After the SWOT Analysis
- Coordinating the Marketing Effort
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 3. Studies of Sport Consumers
- Types of Sport Consumer Studies
- Reading Sport Consumer Studies
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 4. Perspectives in Sport Consumer Behavior
- Socialization, Involvement, and Commitment
- Environmental Factors
- Individual Factors
- Decision Making for Sport Involvement
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 5. The Role of Research in Sport Marketing
- An Information-Based Approach to Marketing Sport
- Characteristics of an Ideal Marketing Information System
- Data Sources for a Marketing Information System
- Common Problems in Sport Marketing Research
- Analyzing Survey Data
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 6. Market Segmentation
- What Is Market Segmentation?
- Four Bases of Segmentation
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 7. The Sport Product
- What Is the Sport Product?
- Sport Product: Its Core and Extensions
- Key Issues: Differentiation, Development, Positioning, Branding
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 8.
Licensed and Branded Merchandise
- What Is a Licensed Product?
- What Makes Licensing Work?
- Licensed-Product Revenues
- The Licensing Process
- Manufacturers
- Players’ Unions
- Licensing in Individual Professional Sports
- Collegiate Licensing
- Retail
- Current Merchandising Issues and Trends
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 9. Pricing Strategies
- The Basics of Pricing
- Core Issues
- Standard Approaches to Pricing
- Special Factors
- Writing About Price and Value
- Remember the Escalator! Pricing, Public Relations, and Promotions
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 10. Promotions
- The Catch-All “P”: Promotion
- Advertising
- Advertising Media for Sport
- Promotional Concepts and Practices
- Promotional Components
- The Ultimate Goal: Moving Consumers Up the Escalator
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 11.
Sales: Management and Applications
- Sales Defined
- Direct Data-Based Sport Marketing
- Typical Sales Approaches Used in Sport
- Tips for Effective Implementation
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 12. Promotional Licensing and Sponsorship
- Sponsorship Defined
- Sponsorship’s Place Within the Marketing Mix
- The Growth of Sponsorship
- What Does Sport Sponsorship Have to Offer?
- Corporate Objectives
- Evaluating and Ensuring Sponsorship Effectiveness
- Selling the Sponsorship
- Ethical Issues in Sponsorship
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 13. Place or Product Distribution
- Placing Core Products and Their Extensions
- Theory of Sport and “Place”
- The Facility
- Evaluating Consumer Opinion
- Marketing Channels
- The Product-Place Matrix
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 14.
Electronic Media
- The Electronic Media Landscape
- Television
- Radio
- Digital Technology
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 15. Public Relations
- Public Relations Defined
- Public Relations Functions
- Media Impact Upon Sport Public Relations
- Strategic Planning and Public Relations
- Integrating Sales, Promotion, Sponsorship Media, and Community Relations
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 16. Coordinating and Controlling the Marketing Mix
- Cross-Impacts of the Five Ps
- Controlling the Marketing Function
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 17. The Legal Aspects of Sport Marketing
- What Is Intellectual Property?
- The Law of Copyright
- The Lanham Trademark Act
- Unfair Competition and Unfair Trade Practices
- The Right of Publicity and Invasion of Privacy
- Patents
- Emerging Issues
- Wrap-Up

Chapter 18.
The Shape of Things to Come
- Shawn Hunter, Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Coyotes
- Jim Kahler, Senior Vice President, Cleveland Cavs
- Jerry Solomon, President, P.S. StarGames
- Lesa Ukman, International Events Group and the IEG Sponsorship Report
- Alan Freidman, Founder and Executive Editor, Team Marketing Report
- Alycen C. McAuley, Harrison S. Campbell and D. Mitchell Wheeler, Marketing Associates International
- From Our Crystal Ball
- Wrap-Up