Tytuł: Sports Marketing : A Strategic Perspective
Autorzy: Matthew D. Shank
ISBN: 0131440772
Wydawca:  Prentice Hall, 3rd edition, Październik 2004
Język: ENG


Chapter 1: Contingency framework for strategic sports marketing.
- Emergence of Sports Marketing
- Contingency Framework for Strategic Sports Marketing
- External and Internal Contingencies

Chapter 2: Planning for market selection decisions.
- Research Tools for Understanding Sports Consumers
- Understanding Participants as Consumers
- Understanding Spectators as Consumers
- Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Chapter 3: Planning the sports marketing mix.
- Sports Product Concepts
- Managing Sports Products
- Promotion Concepts
- Promotion Mix Elements
- Sponsorship Programs
- Distribution Concepts
- Pricing Concepts
- Pricing Strategies

Chapter 4: Implementing and controlling the strategic sports marketing process.
- Implementing and Controlling the Strategic Sports Marketing Process

APPENDIX A. Career Opportunities in Sports Marketing
APPENDIX B. Sports Marketing Sites of Interest on the Internet